"We were mercenaries,
and the NSA offered good money, so we accepted the job. We shouldn't have."

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Set in a fantastic world based upon the mythology of Native America, Brave: A Warrior's Tale plays as a series of flashbacks in which a now elderly Brave describes the events of his life. Between the warrior’s tales of his youth, the player takes control of Courage, a young boy who takes lessons from his elder's experiences to stop the evil Wendigo’s threat to their village.


  • Story mode with 35 levels

  • Match groups of four tiles or more
    by using the stylus to change the position
    of pieces or rotate them in different directions

  • Arcade mode with score or timed attack and more

  • Draw 12 different spells each with
    unique gameplay enhancements


Developer: Collision Studios

Platform: DS

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

Genre: Puzzle Action

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40 B-Boy characters to
do battle with, including world famous B-Boy,
Crazy Legs

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