"We were mercenaries,
and the NSA offered good money, so we accepted the job. We shouldn't have."

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Championship Bowling is the most advanced, fun and outrageous video game bowling experience ever. It combines true bowling mechanics with zany and amusing characters rolling their personalized balls in some crazy locations. Everybody loves ten-pin bowling, and Championship Bowling is a sure fire hit. The game boasts an array of distinctive characters, each uniquely animated, along with multiplayer functionality and many unlockable features.


  • 6 amazing bowling locations with
    both day and night play modes.

  • Intuitive control system gives you complete control over speed, direction and curve of the bowling delivery.

  • Each character has individual strengths and
    weaknesses that you will need to master.

  • Play with your friends or compete against
    the pros in tournament mode.

  • Over a dozen characters to choose from individually
    styled plus the ability to personalize their look.


Publisher: Evolved Games

Developer: Black Market Games

Platform: Xbox

ESRB Rating: Teen

Genre: Bowling Sim

40 B-Boy characters to
do battle with, including world famous B-Boy,
Crazy Legs

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