Blending FPS and RTS together,
creating a new and unique genre.

A plane carrying top secret data has crashed in the Amazon. If it is captured by the enemy there is no telling how many lives will be lost. You and your team have been called in to rescue any survivors and retrieve the data at all costs. You’re professionals – this is what you do.

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BRAVE: A Warrior's Tale
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Join Courage, a young boy on his quest to stop the evil Wendigo’s threat to his village. Set in a fantastic world based upon the mythology of Native America.

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BRAVE: A Warrior's Tale
A now elderly Brave describes the events of his life. Between the warrior’s tales of his youth, the player takes control of Courage, a young boy who takes lessons from his elder's experiences to stop the current threat to their village.

FORMATS: Xbox 360 - Wii
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Based on the Terminator Salvation film
from Warner Bros. Pictures and Sony Pictures, Terminator Salvation the videogame offers players the chance to assume the role of John Connor a soldier in the resistance, battling for survival against the far superior forces of Skynet.

FORMATS: Xbox 360 - PS3 - PC
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Whether you're a top rock master, a power move monster or you just can't stop freezing, B-Boy will have you breaking some serious dance moves. Developed in combination with Crazy Legs and DJ Hooch, B-Boy uses a dynamically controlled fighting system to help you battle the best b-boys on the planet.

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