"We were mercenaries,
and the NSA offered good money, so we accepted the job. We shouldn't have."

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Join the ultimate battle of Paul de Raque, Grand Master of the Order of the Temple, against the forces of Hell. In a thrilling adventure through the kingdoms of the 13th century, Paul must unveil the secret of three ancient artifacts and fight the demon armies attacking our world.

Fight your way through a forgotten Roman city and the deadly dungeons of the Saracen Empire; discover long forgotten islands, ruins and catacombs. Overcome the hordes of darkness and discover that victory must be paid with blood, pain and even your very own soul...

  • RPG style character development with new active and passive abilities and weapons

  • Non-linear game play - Move freely between levels, choose quests & follow the main storyline your way

  • Alternative endings -
    Your decisions determine how the game will end

  • Stunning, detailed 3D environments in
    live medieval settings

  • Interactive dialogue system -
    different dialogue options lead to bonus information and additional side quests for new, powerful items

  • Trade mode Sell, buy or repair items,
    weapons & armor


Publisher: Evolved Games

Developer: Playlogic / Cauldron / TDK

Platform: PC/DVD-ROM

Genre: Strategy


40 B-Boy characters to
do battle with, including world famous B-Boy,
Crazy Legs

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